Apples to Apples – How it Works and What It’s All About

Apples to Apples – How it Works and What It’s All About

The cheapest energy provider in Ohio

The illuminating company electricity market is deregulated, which provides businesses and residents with the ability to shop for an energy provider. This is a great opportunity for you to save money and reduce carbon footprint. However, selecting the right energy provider and plan is a complex process that can be overwhelming.

Puco Apples to Apples – How it Works and What it’s is All About

The Public Utilities Commission (PUCO) created Apples to Apples as an official shopping site where consumers can compare electric providers and natural gas rates as well as plans in Ohio’s market that is deregulated. This site is a great way to start your search for a low-cost energy supplier, but beware of suppliers that use the Apples to Apples website to lure customers into signing up with low rates and then surprise them with hidden costs or terms that are unfair after they sign up.

There is also information about where electricity is sourced and how it is delivered to you. There is an interactive map that shows the locations where electricity is supplied in Ohio by various providers. It also has information about rights of the consumer and how you can switch to an alternate electricity source. It also has the list of questions to ask your energy provider prior to signing up.