Ohio Energy Choice

Ohio Energy Choice

ohio energy Choice is the state’s program that allows residents and businesses to choose their own electricity supplier. This allows them to take advantage of competitive pricing and unique product offerings. Ohio has been implementing this deregulation initiative for over a decade. It provides a level of choice that was previously only available to large industrial consumers and manufacturers.

There are over 80 different energy suppliers in the state of Ohio, all of which purchase energy from local power generation companies. They then sell it to customers, just like a cable provider would purchase data and internet services from local providers. Many of these energy suppliers offer multiple plan options, including fixed-rate plans that have a set price for the duration of the contract term. Other plans are variable rate and change each month. These plans have a higher initial price, but the consumer can save on average by choosing this type of plan.

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, or PUCO, regulates the market. They create the PUCO apples to apples shopping tool, which helps consumers compare rates and contract terms. They also help resolve any disputes between customers and their natural gas or electric utility. Additionally, the PUCO reviews and approves delivery rates and the Standard Service Offer (SSO) for each deregulated utility.

In addition to shopping for their own supply, Ohio residents can opt into community aggregation programs, where their local government shops on their behalf. For example, the Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council, or NOPEC, does this for over 200 communities in the state. In these cases, the aggregation’s winning bidder becomes the resident’s new electricity supplier. However, the consumer is still billed by their local utility, and they can choose to opt-out of the aggregation’s contract at any time.

Some energy suppliers also specialize in renewable energy. This can include wind power, solar panels and zero-down efficient products. These options are great for Ohioans who want to do their part for the environment. In fact, these green initiatives have helped Ohio save $3 billion per year in energy costs since 2011.

Even though Ohioans can shop for their own energy supply, they still receive their utility services from the local company that manages the lines and meter, sends the bills, and responds to any gas safety issues. This means that Ohioans can enjoy the competitive energy markets that manufacturers and industrial consumers have enjoyed for years while still receiving the same reliable service they always have. This combination makes Ohio the perfect place to be for businesses and individuals looking to save money on their electricity and gas supplies. The best way to find out more is to visit our ohio apples to apples page and discover the best energy rates in Ohio for yourself. It’s fast, free and easy to do! It’s time to start saving. Start today!