BizSAFE Level 1: Workplace Safety And Health Protocols

BizSAFE Level 1: Workplace Safety And Health Protocols

The nationally recognised building programme bizSAFE is designed to help companies build WSHC capabilities. bizSAFE offers a 5-step programme aimed to help companies build their WSH (Workplace Safety and Health) sustainability and capabilities to improve safety and health standards at the workplace. Applicants venture on a journey that starts with the top management demonstrating a commitment to the cause, followed by:

  1. Acquisition of risk management capabilities
  2. Implementation of a WSH Management System

Successful bizSAFE applicants achieve credit and enjoy the advantages of having a complete bizsafe level 1 course online.

What is bizSAFE Level 1?

To launch on the bizSAFE journey, your organization’s top management has to attend a half-day workshop on the course executed by WSHC Approved Training Organizations (ATO). In a bizSAFE training workshop, the participants learn about their legal obligations under the WSH Act and how to develop a WSH Policy that includes the commitment to manage terror risks at their workplaces.

Risk management

Risk management is covered under the level 1 course for the processes of the following:

  • identification
  • evaluation
  • prioritization

These are followed by coordinated and economical resources to minimize and monitor the probability, including the control or impact of unfortunate events or maximizing the realization of opportunities.

Subsidiary regulations

Subsidiary legislation is any of the following:

  • proclamation
  • rule
  • regulation
  • order
  • resolution
  • notice
  • rule of court

All these are covered on the topic that students or applicants are going to learn. There are different regulations in subsidiary legislation in every country, and people should keep this in mind.

bizSAFE concept

The bizSAFE programme is supported by the Ministry of Manpower. It was designed to assist companies in building workplace safety and health capabilities. Though bizSAFE is structured as a five-step programme, your company may use it for a level instantly, as long as it meets the level’s requirements.

Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Act

WSH Act needs stakeholders to take practicable measures to ensure the safety and health of persons at the working site.

The 3 guiding principles of the WSH Act are:

  1. Reduce risk by requiring all stakeholders to minimize or remove the risk they create.
  2. Encourage industries to adopt larger ownership of safety and health results.
  3. Impose higher penalties for poor safety management and results.

Taking up the level 1 course for safety management is a prerequisite of the bizSAFE Level 2 course. Take up the first course before you can take the level 2. The certification of this course is a great help for promotions.