Neighbourhood Features That Increase Your Home Value

Neighbourhood Features That Increase Your Home Value

While selling a property, you want to secure your house’s worth and not give it away for charity. Remember, a person might not care about the interiors much since the house can be renovated from the inside. The exteriors meaning the locality and neighbourhood are factors out of a person’s control. These two features can have an impact on the market value of your property. So, before closing a deal, ensure you have driven around and taken a good look at the neighbourhood. Whether the residents are friendly, jolly, mellow or the locality includes dangerous people.


Location and neighbourhood are notable factors that contribute to a property’s value. An ideal location should be close to important places and consist of bus stops, railways station, well-made roads and other transport services nearby. Most buyers prefer homes connected to these vital facilities and services and are ready to pay a fancy price.


Any neighbourhood with a decent infrastructure does not compromise the home’s value. Genuine buyers always look for properties with good infrastructure like an upcoming metro station, malls, career hubs, multiplexes, million-dollar companies, government premises and places with other upcoming projects.


If you have a dumping ground or factory near your home, clients may not be interested in buying your house as there may be air pollution. Buyers usually refrain from houses near noisy clubs, bars or gatherings that could disturb their daily peace.

Social structure

An excellent social structure is likely to fetch you a good deal. A home is where a person spends most of their lifetime, and while purchasing one, people may look for a stable social structure meaning a community that helps each other in drought times. Bad neighbours and an unhelpful community can drag your home value down.

Walkable facilities

Staying in a neighbourhood where all facilities are readily available is every client’s dream. If your home has pharmacies, supermarkets and bus stop within a 5-minute walking distance, then you can demand a hefty price for the house.

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