Best Microphones For Live Streamers To Purchase

Best Microphones For Live Streamers To Purchase

Anyone can browse the most popular microphones for gamers and live steamers, an external mic is recommended. For you to say that a microphone is an essential accessory when doing live streaming, it is best to look at where to buy microphone in singapore. A reliable external mic is an important communication tool for your play and work. Whether you are connecting with your squad in Mobile Legends or calling a coworker via Zoom, you don’t need to rely on flimsy options.

Microphones for live-streaming

When looking for the best microphone for live streaming, you have three primary types of mics, namely:

  • Cardioid
  • Dynamic
  • Ribbon

Condenser microphones

Condenser mics are using capacitors to convert a sound into an electrical signal. These mics are used in studio recordings, making it best for live streaming for two reasons: higher quality sound and higher frequencies. The condenser mics come in two main types:

  • Small-diaphragm microphones. It is used for recording instruments, making it great for capturing the sound of vocals. So, when playing online games with a squad, easy communication makes it ideal for online gamers doing live streaming.

  • Large-diaphragm microphones. It works well for studio recordings because of the higher sound quality compared to the small diaphragm. So, if a small diaphragm is ideal for online gaming doing live streaming, how much more is the large diaphragm?

Dynamic microphones

Dynamic microphones are more rugged and handle high volumes. The mic is ideal for live performance, so how much on live streaming? The two most popular dynamic microphones used for live streaming, namely:

  • Shure SM58
  • Shure SM7B

These mics are dynamic mics that are less sensitive than condenser mics. It means that these can handle more sound without warping the audio. Thus, it gets better at capturing louder sounds. Indeed, dynamic mics are best used for:

  • Recording
  • Live streaming
  • Voice chat when streaming games

Ribbon microphones

Ribbon mics are less common, but offer a unique sound that is well-suited for specific genres of music. Using a ribbon of metal, the vibrations are converted to an electrical signal and have a Figure 8 pattern. Ribbon mics are not as common as dynamic and condenser microphones. But, they produce a mellower sound, which makes them well-suited for various genres of music.

Now, which mic do you think is suitable for your needs? You have three different options, and it depends on your choice and considerations which one fits your needs.